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Building a Compassionate Culture with Dana Kaplan

February 16, 2022

The reason I left the classroom is because my passion for education and for emotional intelligence and for creating a culture of compassion for all is so infused in everything that I do that the only way I could really brought in and become my best self for the world is by stepping out of the classroom - Dana Kaplan


Compassion is one of the virtues we seek to instill in our children, yet they are sorely lacking in many adults today. Even though human beings are social creatures by nature, compassion doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Some people are more compassionate than others. Why is that? Well, compassion is an innate and a learned skill that is shaped by how we are wired when we are born, and our own environment and life experiences. To experience compassion to some extent, it means that we have to get in touch with our emotions.


Dana Kaplan, founder of Developing Empathetic Education with Dana (DEED)® gives us a deeper understanding as to the different reasons why there is a decrease in compassion in our society and how most adults are disconnected from their authentic self without even knowing about it. 


Dana is a retired award winning classroom educator turned lifetime educator of the world who helps children permanently activate their positively powerful voice while guiding parents on how to release their conscious and unconscious biases, expectations, labels, and limits they place upon their children and their selves. 



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Show Notes:


Dana Kaplan 02:54 - And what I was discovering along the way is that adults have missed the mark so much that we don't know where to connect anymore. We don't know. If we're living authentically, or if we're doing what we think everyone else wants us to do. 


Heather Doran 05:08 - We never really understood what was going on and we didn't have the tools to heal, we just became wounded adults in a work environment or in our business 


Dana Kaplan 10:03 - The reason my heart and soul is so deeply rooted in kindergarten is because that is the age when we find our voice. When a child between the ages of four and six sees another person crying, they're not going up to that child and saying what's wrong with you? They ask, are you okay? And that shift in question is so critical, because what's wrong with you is a lot of times that we hear from adults speaking to kids, and then that phrase is what sticks with us what's wrong with you. And that phrase is then taken in all places and spaces. 


Dana Kaplan 14:43 - But what ultimately we're doing is we are not learning how to help we are labeling and we're preventing growth.


Heather Doran 19:50 - We have to understand that this goes back to knowing ourselves. That it's very hard for us to be vulnerable because we don't know enough about the things about ourselves to even know what's going on to be like, "I'm actually feeling vulnerable right now."


Dana Kaplan 26:49 -  It is critical that spaces are provided now, for humans of all ages, all races, all ethnicities, all identities, where we can actually go back and learn how to use our voice through the act, acts of simple play, the act of having a snack together the act of learning how to build that compassionate culture.


Heather Doran 28:35 - We have been living under this umbrella of this '5am Wake Up' this 'Nine-to-Five Cycle' and this whole thing, but there's people out there who actually \ do their best work at 10 o'clock at night and work till two, three o'clock in the morning. That's their body cycle. But yet we have forced them into this into this bubble.


Heather Doran 29:24 - The reason why I left the classroom is because I saw like all the red tape policy and all the bullsh*t that we do for education. It just wasn't an alignment.


Heather Doran 31:10 - How many of us go years and years and years, and being so f*cking miserable. Because we never even realize that we have a choice.


Dana Kaplan 33:27 - Parents are like, why are my kids so different from how they were at school? Because they've been structured all day long...


Dana Kaplan 38:51 - When we're so fixated on the outcome, we don't pay attention to the present. 


Dana Kaplan 40:51 - Create Your Compassionate Culture™



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