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Launching with Ease & Identifying Resistance: Guest Roxana Ghita

Launching with Ease & Identifying Resistance: Guest Roxana Ghita

January 17, 2022

Roxana Ghita is a launch strategist and guide. She guides business owners in launching products and services using their intuition and internal guidance. Instead of using bro-marketing or sleazy sales tactics, Roxana helps clients launch a way that is light, fun, and easy to them.

This episode was filled with golden nuggets. 

-How resistance shows up when starting the launch process

-Fears of visibility showing up while launching

-Feelings of worthiness - what does to mean about me if the client doesn't choose to work with me?

-How the inner dialog shows up while launching & how it has nothing to do with us

- How to set goals during a launch that do not trigger your fear around money

-Showing up to serve one person each day vs focusing on all the launch steps

-Speaking to your audience so that they know you are talking only to them and know you are the right person to offer the solution 

- The biggest issues Roxana sees when going through the launch process and how to overcome this!

Get copy a of the launch blueprint on the website: https://brudarac.com/ 

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Next training is January 25th. I hope to see you there!




Midlife and Finding Happiness with Coach Stacie B

Midlife and Finding Happiness with Coach Stacie B

January 10, 2022

Today I am interviewing Coach Stacie B, a mindset and transformation coach for middle aged women. A personal development junkie and that has had an intuitive gift her whole life. 

4:27 Stacie shares once she applied the the work for for herself, it became a better gift to the world. Stacie says, "I also created the life that is giving me freedom to move spaciously feel relaxed, be an ease, handle what life throws at me, but not being thrown over by it."

5:28 listening to the voice in your head that says "there's more, there's more"

6:15 putting others first, being the "good girl" and not feeling deserving of her own happiness

7:50 learning what doesn't feel good and started to set boundaries for how she wanted to be treated


11:28 setting the GPS for how the day will look - doing a mindful practice before her feet hit the ground


16:17 setting boundaries is allowing others to carry their weight - gives each of us permission to hold our own shit and they hold theirs

19:30 looking inside for how I want to feel everyday - life becomes what I chose at this point

21:00 pealing back the layers later in life - after the kids have grown, after do so many things

25:32 taking responsibility - creating your journey and discovering what make me happy

28:16 lesson on conditional happiness - becoming happy from where you are now

29:39 really learning to love herself and what she wants for life - inspired new mission for life


Stacie has just become Certified Master Mind Magic Coach. She is supporting women that have tired all the things and still feel something is missing. Find our more about what she is doing: www.Staciebelleau.com 

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Allowing Joy to Lead Your Wealth & Happiness with Tammi Lipp

Allowing Joy to Lead Your Wealth & Happiness with Tammi Lipp

December 27, 2021

Tammi Lipp, Energy Coach and healer, helping creatives and mystics embrace their inner magic by turning their struggles into gifts to see their inner super powers.

She takes us on her journey to how she viewed money, how that stories has changed, and her healing she has had to do around it.

3:28 cages of sensitive and creative humans create around themselves

9:18 protecting yourself as a sensitive human

17:23 Tammi's blog "No Vacancies" - what this means to her and her contribution to the world to help people see their inner super powers to having a fulfilled life

20:30 being introduced to wealth and breaking old stories about money and wealth

27:36 being postpartum, unable to work, full of anxiety, and eventually being hospitalized 

30:33 from barley being able to spend $197 on a course to spending multi-thousand to be certified in Mind Magic - changing the perspective of money

35:51 understanding that money is energy

48:21 proving to yourself you can be happy and what happiness looks like for each person -what does joy, freedom, etc mean to you?

51:43 making joy your compass for wealth and happiness

We really hope you enjoyed this episode of the podcast! 

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Healing Blocks By Choosing A New Perspective With Diana Greshtchuk

Healing Blocks By Choosing A New Perspective With Diana Greshtchuk

December 22, 2021

Guest Diana Greshtchuk, CPA and NEW Certified Master Mind Magic (R) Practitioner, shares with us how she has been able to heal her blocks and limiting stories by choosing a new perspective (as she calls it, choosing a different seat at the table). 

As a fellow accountant, we discuss the hustle culture the exists in the corporate world, especially the accounting field. Diana shares her thoughts on breaking out of that old paradigm and giving herself permission to pursue her deepest passions in this next phase of life. 

Diana has 2 free trainings she would like to share with the you. 1. Get Your Financial House in Order 2. Debit Is Your Ally. Email Diana to get a copy of these replays - you don't want to miss them. They were SO good. dianagreshtchuk@yahoo.com 

Connect with Diana on LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianagreshtchuk/ and FB: https://www.facebook.com/dianalynne

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Holistic Health, Beauty & Mind with Jacquelyn Rodriquez

Holistic Health, Beauty & Mind with Jacquelyn Rodriquez

December 13, 2021

Guest, Jacquelyn Rodriquez is an Intuitive Master Neuro-Coach for hairstylist and salon owner. We have a very candid conversation about health, your money, the earth, and how this is effecting your life, business and your money! Jacquelyn and I talk about how we can make incremental changes to our products and business to be more earth friendly. She reminds us that we are not here to attract everyone to our business. We are here to attract the RIGHT people to our business. By making bold choices that support our values is one way big way to do just that. 

To find out more about Jacquelyn and her work, visit her website: https://www.jacquelynrodriguez.com/

Jacquelyn's Instagram: @jacquelynrodriguezintuitive

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Reclaim the Rebel for Better Health, Happiness & More Money with Lizzy

Reclaim the Rebel for Better Health, Happiness & More Money with Lizzy

December 6, 2021

Today's guest, Lizzy Cangro, is a nutritionist, and now best selling author, helping individuals loose weight, have the body they desire, and gain back their health by breaking all the diet rules. 

In her new book, Reclaim The Rebel, 12 Rebellious Acts To Achieve Unconditional Love For Your Body, Lizzy is helping you ditch the diet roller coaters and have success with your health and fitness goals through love for your body now. 

Our conversation today will help you see that you can have the body you love and the health you desire NOW. It all starts with loving yourself now. 

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The book releases December 7th. Get your copy today. https://www.instagram.com/nutritionbylizzy/ 

Mindfulness & Money With Sarah Harmon

Mindfulness & Money With Sarah Harmon

November 29, 2021

In this episode I interview Sarah Harmon, therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher and mom! We talk about so many things. Most importantly how to be a more mindful mom to yourself. When you are able to be kind and loving to yourself, all the other pieces will fall into place so much easier - especially with your money! 

Find out more about Sarah at her website: www.theschoolofmom.com

While we do talk about the membership in this episode, it current has a wait list. 

See more about her signature membership: Mothering Oneself Mindfully

If you want to get support with self-care and mothering yo' self, check out this membership: The MOM Practice Club.

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Worthy Human Live Experience, Become HER & Be Wealthy

Worthy Human Live Experience, Become HER & Be Wealthy

May 25, 2021

This weekend was massive! I attended Worth Human Live Event with Tracy Litt. I can't say enough about the experience and all the amazing takeaways! 

Listen to the massive transformation and insight I gained this weekend to becoming HER. 

See more about Dr. Beth: https://drbethwestie.com/

More about Worthy Human and Tracy Litt: https://www.thelittfactor.com/

Work with Heather: https://heatherdoran.mykajabi.com/vipsupport

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Your Way To Working 3-Days Per Week With Mariana Ruiz

Your Way To Working 3-Days Per Week With Mariana Ruiz

May 18, 2021

Today's guest, Mariana Ruiz, has been coaching business owners for 7 years! Wow! She talks to us all about her journey to growing a multi 6-figure coaching business and creating a 3-day work week.

Mariana gives us her insights on what it really takes to be happy and live your best life - hint: it isn't about the money! 

Be sure to join the Coaches Scaled Summit, where you will learn all about creating your 3-day work week. https://linktr.ee/heatherdoran

To find out more about Marina and her stellar coaching team, go to: https://www.impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/

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Heather Doran

Want To Be Wealthy: Stop And Smell The F*ckin Roses

Want To Be Wealthy: Stop And Smell The F*ckin Roses

January 12, 2021

I was going to call this episode some super cliché term, like "celebrate your wins". But that did not capture the message I NEED you ladies to hear today! 

In this episode, I give you FOUR (4) golden tips on how to create wealth consciousness in your body and every fiber of your being. If you want to be wealthy, you have to STOP doing old shit! You have to step into HER - your higher-self. SHE is NOT chasing her tail! SHE is NOT running around feeling like shit everyday! 

So, how do you become HER? How do you become the women in your vision? By stopping the madness if doing the same shit everyday!

Listen up! This is your wake up call if you are hustling your ass into the ground. 

Love and light!


Heather Doran

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