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Using Your Energetic Blueprint To Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose With Tammi Lipp

March 10, 2022

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you no longer feel in alignment with yourself? Maybe you've got a jo  you didn't like, a business you no longer feel passionate about, a relationship that does not make you happy anymore, or maybe something's going on in your life that just makes you feel sh*tty right now.


It might be because you’re working against your energetic blueprint.


Your energy is distinct and operates in a way that is unique to you. When you work in alignment, things flow. Things are easy. We all experienced this in big or small ways, but very often we lose that connection to our inner self. If you've been in this situations before, then you know how painful it is to try to fit into a mold that was not meant for you. You end up constantly asking yourself, " I'm doing what I am  ‘suppose to’ so why am I happy?"


Not understanding your unique energy allows you to believe you have to be like everyone else which is why we are joined by Tammi Lipp, Energy Healer & Coach  to understand more about our energy so that we can start creating the life that we want. 


Tammi helps creatives and mystics embrace their inner magic by turning their struggles into gifts to see their inner super powers.


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Show Notes:


Tammi Lipp 02:47 - Everything that's organic is energy first before it becomes physical matter and everything that's organic actually has its own signature. 


Tammi Lipp 03:11 - Everything is comprised of the same four basic building block elements of life - nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. And we relate those in my world to make it really easy with air, water, fire, and earth, respectively. Everybody has a combination of all of these elements, so it's always gonna look different.


Tammi Lipp 04:34 - Chances are your siblings are different from you, your parents, your friends. So we are comparison all the time. We're visual learners, when we look at the people in our life, and we say oh, why can my mom get 1000 things done in a day and I chose to get three things done? 


Tammi Lipp 05:12 - When we understand the differences, we can really just kind of relax a little bit and say, ohh, my blueprint means I'm a faster moving energy and so then you can discern in life activities that are going to be good for you.


Tammi Lipp 06:05 - You will understand why certain deliveries will will work with some people and certain approaches will work better with some people. You can naturally see, oh, this person is Earth, they're gonna really appreciate a very to the point with a lot of structure kind of proposal, oh, this person is air, they're gonna like me to just come up with something off the cuff, like give them a ballpark over the phone, no big deal like that.


Heather Doran 07:15 - Understanding these differences really leaning in this just gives you another element to really understanding yourself and understanding how you're different understanding how to actually use this information to not only communicate with your environment, with your friends, your family, with your clients, but then also understand what does this mean for the bigger picture of my life?


Tammi Lipp 09:19 - I love astrology. I love human design. I love Myers Briggs Enneagram. Like I love all the things personal development, I can't get enough. But this is the only tool that I know of that is very tangible. So I really love this in that way, because even some people who are maybe uncomfortable with some of the more esoteric and intangible personal development tools. If anyone else is playing with while self judgment, this really is a it's such a great tool.


Tammi Lipp 11:03 - Two fast moving energies, air being masculine fire being feminine, but very different feel. Fire is going to be directed to the point, air is going to beat around the bush a little bit more and kind of dance around it. And make a little more light out of it and kind of being jokey


Tammi Lipp 13:48 - Water people are the details people. These are the people that make plans for days. They have plan. They stick to the plans. Don't change the plan.


Heather Doran 17:55 - This whole idea of marketing and like, buy this course, buy this program, like if you just follow my formula, you're gonna you know, the path to success. And, and I mean, how many of us have followed the formula of critical path to success with, you know, go go to college, get a career getting, you know, raise my hand like, but that wasn't much, but that wasn't my path. And the reason why is because I'm not designed that way. And so this here, what you're using, and what you're talking about is a another way in another path for us to understand what our path is, and what is meant for us to do in the world and how we interact with the world with people to make the impact not follow somebody is blueprint, but to follow our blueprint.


Tammi Lipp 20:54 - Don't force yourself to live that life, I forced myself to do all of those earthy things my whole life, and made myself really uncomfortable and really unhappy. And my body and my whole it was all like, oh, you know, let me out of here. Now it's like, boom, you know, over the last, knowing this information, for me, it's been a wild decade, you know, or so. But it's been a process of really like being obsessed with it.


Tammi Lipp 22:24 - Earth is the kind of person who they are their own authority. And they really value respect. So they're the last kind of person that will come hang out and want to get like an energy reading from me. But I always say to my earth clients, when they come in, when they do take that big, bold move for them, they will have a huge shift.


Tammi 33:45 - This is why I love this because this is another element to helping us learn more about ourselves like what were naturally our natural talents and our natural gifts are and lean into those so we can lean into the vision we can lean into the dream and then that's what really like that's what just gives us like the that's how we live the dream is by doing these things to learn more about what we are naturally in be doing.


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