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Redefining Possibilities After Burnout with Amy Young

March 3, 2022

Feeling physically exhausted, completely drained or overwhelmed with stress?

Maybe you are experiencing sleepless nights or brain fogs that you are unable to meet constant work demands?

As the stress continues, you begin to lose the interest and motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place. And now, you're starting to wonder if you'll ever feel excited about your life or career again.

If all of these sound familiar, chances are, you're probably experiencing burnout. And you're not alone: According to a 2020 Gallup report, 76 percent of respondents said that they experience burnout at least sometimes—a number that's likely risen since the start of the pandemic, wherein people have had to juggle work, caregiving, and overwhelming stress and anxiety.

The good news? You can recover from burnout and redefine possibilities.

In this episode, we are joined by Amy Young, Certified Life Coach and CEO of Redefine Possibilities. Prior to becoming a certified coach, she held executive positions at CBS Television and Google where she specialized in television strategy, business development, sales and partnerships. Listen as she shares with us her own personal burnout story and how this became a cornerstone for her to redefine her possibilities.


Amy coaches highly conscious leaders who are on the path of burnout and want to take the step off the hamster wheel and reconnect with themselves.



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Show Notes:


Amy Young 05:35 It (burnout) can always look different for every single person


Amy Young 06:38 - I was lucky enough to get a job right at CBS. Right? As I was graduating, and loved it. The more I got promoted, the better I started doing within the company. But the more I started making decisions, not based upon what I loved about the industry and the areas that I really wanted to be in, my decisions started coming more from a place that was head and ego based, versus what I really found interesting and what I really wanted to do.


Amy Young 07:33 - When I left CBS for Google, if I'm honest, when they first sent me the job description, I actually had no desire to do that job whatsoever. And so when I went over there, I actually knew very early on that it was not a great fit for me. But it's Google, you go for the interviews.


Amy Young 08:33 - I ended up in a position where I was having weekly panic attacks. 


Amy Young 09:07 Because I was having breakdowns, my brain would just stop working on things that I was normally really good at, like giving speeches or negotiating agreements that used to come so much more easily to me, my brain would just go blank.


Amy Young 09:37 - I'm more afraid of something really seriously happening to my health and or, you know, getting to a point where my marriage was falling apart, or I wasn't the mom I wanted to be because I just was that low. So that for me was kind of the breaking point.


Heather Doran 10:11 - When I knew that I was experiencing burnout, I didn't know that that is what had been happening to me. 


Heather Doran 12:13 - And I feel like this is a common theme, especially for women, that it's like, oh, well, of course, you're tired, because you know, you have three kids, and you're running around all the time. And then we don't listen to these nudges in our body, like, hey, there might be something actually going on here.


Amy Young 12:30 - Women sometimes can tend to be more conditioned to do more for others than for themselves. Therefore, we stopped listening to our own intuitions and to our own guides. And so unfortunately, it takes us to get to a point where our bodies are physically breaking down, whether it's mentally, physically or emotionally, for us to actually stop and pay attention


Amy Young 19:44 - It's giving ourselves the grace to say, Okay, wait a minute, I understand where this is coming from now. And then you give yourself that space to actually respond to the situation instead of reacting to the situation. 


Heather Doran 24:49 - We've been conditioned most of our lives to not really ask. It's kind of like when you checked the box of College. And I literally at 18 years old, checked the box on accounting, because it just sounded like a good idea. And not because I had any evidence that that was gonna actually be something I wanted to do.


Amy Young 30:44 - What is that vision that lights you up and that tells you to keep going every day when you wake up?


Amy Young 32:19 We're on this busy cycle that we don't give ourselves the gift of stopping and actually checking in to see how we're doing.


Heather Doran 34:11 - This hustle culture and this Go-Go-Go is actually what's stopping us and keeping us from connecting deeply with ourselves and thus living our best life, living the vision, living the dream.


Amy Young 36:29 - I truly think I'm now in a place where I truly believe it can, you can do it with ease, doesn't always mean it's easy. There's a big difference here. But the fact that you could do hard things with ease, and be in that mindset and be in that embodiment of that feeling. I truly believe that that can happen for everyone. But we have to stop bypassing all of the things that we've experienced and that are holding us back and actually go through them and experience them so that we can free ourselves and more of our energy to actually do that good work that we are all called to do.


Amy Young 45:34 - I was always putting so much pressure on myself to make more money and it came from a place of lack, rather than a mindset of abundance. I had a moment where I was feeling really sh*tty, because I'm not bringing nearly as much to the table. That's been a big money narrative, in my mind that I've had to work through ever since launching my business was just disassociating my self worth, and my value in terms of what I'm bringing to the table for our family, especially for our family.


Amy Young 58:44 - Find that space, find a coach, reach out to someone, who can hold that space for you to start moving through this because while, it's not always easy. There's so much freedom waiting on the other side, that I guarantee it's 100% worth it because life is just too darn short to continue to be hiding just because it feels uncomfortable, or because it's full of fear.

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