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On Being A Warrior Woman With Liz Svatek

September 15, 2022

Being a mom can be one of the most rewarding, but also challenging, experiences a woman can have. Not only is she responsible for the care and well-being of her children, but she also often has to juggle work and home life. As a result, it's not surprising that many mothers feel isolated and alone. However, there are many ways to connect with other women who are facing similar challenges. 


By reaching out and connecting with other women and being in a safe environment where they can share their experiences and offer advice to one another, women can find the support and friendship they need to help them through the challenges of motherhood.


Our guest for this week’s podcast, Liz Svatek, has been leading groups and teams of Warrior Women for over 10 years. Her online community of over 100K women support each other in their healing, growth and expansion.


Liz believes women aren’t born Warriors, they become them, through radical shifts in perspective and owning their choices and voices! She inspires women to RECLAIM their inner Warriors through curated Masterminds, coaching, and workshops. 


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Show Notes:


Liz Svatek 07:40 -  Everytime I look at this watch, I know that I paid for it with my own money - That it's mine. That it's meant for me. Because that's the thoughts I'm choosing whether to think about this watch, versus the thoughts I was choosing before it really was a revelation to me. The thoughts I was choosing and what I was making that loss of that watch mean.


Liz Svatek 09:53 -  I needed to talk to other mothers. I felt like everybody was just having a baby, smiling and going home. I was like why? Why am I the only person I didn't have a baby, smile and go home. Am I the only human being? 


Liz Svatek 11:03 -  I had claimed my warrior status. Now I really know it's because I am the warrior mom of these two warrior kids. There's definitely days I'm on the floor and I feel like I can't take one more thing, but it makes me understand that this is sort of what I was meant to be their mother. I was called to be the mother of these warrior kids.


Heather Doran 12:28 -  I was a teen mom. Everytime, I want to beat myself up over something, I remind myself every time that he chose me, to help lead and guide him in this life. 


Liz Svatek 13:51 -  Being a mother gives you that gift of imperfection, because you just can't do it all the way right


Liz Svatek 14:26 -  I feel like when we all admit that life is messy, we can connect with each other. If I'm over here acting like my life is perfect, how the hell can I connect with you? 


Liz Svatek 17:52 -  There is a woman that has wisdom that you need. There is a woman that needs your wisdom. 


Heather Doran 31:33 -  If you don't feel worthy of taking a 90-second break through your day, then there's a deeper issue. This is what I tell a lot of my ladies. You gotta go pee, right? You take 90 seconds to pee and do your breathing breaks.

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