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Launching with Ease & Identifying Resistance: Guest Roxana Ghita

January 17, 2022

Roxana Ghita is a launch strategist and guide. She guides business owners in launching products and services using their intuition and internal guidance. Instead of using bro-marketing or sleazy sales tactics, Roxana helps clients launch a way that is light, fun, and easy to them.

This episode was filled with golden nuggets. 

-How resistance shows up when starting the launch process

-Fears of visibility showing up while launching

-Feelings of worthiness - what does to mean about me if the client doesn't choose to work with me?

-How the inner dialog shows up while launching & how it has nothing to do with us

- How to set goals during a launch that do not trigger your fear around money

-Showing up to serve one person each day vs focusing on all the launch steps

-Speaking to your audience so that they know you are talking only to them and know you are the right person to offer the solution 

- The biggest issues Roxana sees when going through the launch process and how to overcome this!

Get copy a of the launch blueprint on the website: https://brudarac.com/ 

Roxana IG: @brudarc 

Heather IG: @the_heather_doran

Sign up for the no cost membership hub: https://www.heatherdoran.biz/dreamhub/

Next training is January 25th. I hope to see you there!




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