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Building A Community of Badass Women with Joanne Garrowa

September 22, 2022

One of the most important things you can do to start tapping into your inner badass is to surround yourself with like-minded women. When you're around other strong, confident women, it's easier to let your own guard down and be yourself. It's also a great way to get support and advice from others who are going through the same. 


In this week's episode, we are joined by Badass Business Transformation Coach, Joanne Garroway. After working with female entrepreneurs, business owners, and women in business for many years, Joanne recognized that many women allowed fear, doubt, self-worth concerns, and other factors to run their lives rather than allowing their inner "Badass" to lead — the part of us that trusts, that knows what feels right, that is BOLD, CONFIDENT. 


This is part of us that is a force for good in the world. 


Joanne's mission is to help women embrace their inner badass so they can create lives and businesses they love without apology. 


If you're ready to start living a life that feels good and aligned with your true desires, this is the episode for you. 


So hit play, and let's get started!

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Show Notes:


Joanne Garroway 08:37 - I think we're living in a day and time right now, where having the ability to actually design and create your life, your professional life, and your personal life the way you want it. It's never been so available and expansive to us. 


Heather Doran 10:07 - I think that we're just going into this paradigm and into this space of designing our life, our business and career around how we want our life to look. 


Joanne Garroway 11:32 - It's so amazing, because I think our parents’ generations’ before us, had family, but then you had your job. And everything in life revolved around that. 


Joanne Garroway 15:59 - my original intention with the networking was to create a safe space for women to show up and connect and start building relationships, productive relationships, where business would be transaction transacted. 


Heather Doran 23:34 - I've been living in the military spouse community for a lot of years. And I will tell you, those women are not nice to each other. It's really very sad. That's the dynamic I came from. I would go to these events similar to you, I would sit there and I would have conversations, and I would leave just feeling awful.


Joanne Garroway 27:26 - It's very easy to feel alone. It's very easy to feel dejected. It's very easy to lose motivation and focus. When you come together, with other women who may be in different businesses, but are still working from their home office, it's so refreshing, because now you realize you’re not alone. 


Heather Doran 40:45 - feeling like we're responsible for how everyone else is gonna respond. The fear of, what is my husband gonna say, what is my kid's gonna say, what are all these people gonna say?

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