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The 3Cs in Building a Positive Team Culture with Becky Brunner

October 20, 2022

Having a positive team environment is key for any business owner. By establishing a set of core values and using these values to guide your hiring process, you can ensure that everyone on your team is working together towards the same goals.


In this episode of Unblock Your Money Sh!t Podcast, Becky Brunner will explain how business owners can build a positive team culture through connection, communication and collaboration. She’ll also share some tips on how to overcome common team challenges such as conflict, lack of trust and creative differences.


Becky is the CEO and Visionary of Choose Happy Assisting. She spent the last 5 years in Project Management, while also developing inclusive, connected, and fun-loving team cultures along the way. She has a knack for bringing people together in entertaining and creative ways, making sure all members have a seat (and voice!) at the table, and creating a workplace that everyone can’t wait to log on to every day.


Learn how to create an environment where team members feel valued and supported, and how to encourage team cohesion and cooperation. If you want to create a positive team culture in your business, this episode is a must-listen!


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Show Notes:


Becky Brunner 04:24 -  I have been working on team culture since day one. I did it quite naturally, not even realizing that I was bringing community, bringing people together and connecting, communicating and collaborating with everyone.


Heather Doran 09:00 - In the past, people went to work at a blue collar job where they worked on an assembly line and then they went home. But now people are really doing things that they're passionate about, which is entering a whole new dynamic into the work culture.


Becky Brunner 10:28 - People really want to be able to grow in the business that they work with. They want to be trusted that the work they do is right and that they're not being micromanaged at all times. That they're recognized for the work they do. They want to be appreciated when they do a job well done. 


Heather Doran 19:51 - If you're a small business owner, these are the things that we're talking about as being a leader. Even though you're building a business and you think, "sh*t I don't have a lot of money" these are the things that create community and create connection within your team.


Becky Brunner 29:04 - We all yearn to have connection in some sort or fashion. No matter if we're extroverts or introverts, we all need that connection space. People don't want to be lonely. After the pandemic, I think people have really learned and realized that they need some sort of connection in their daily life. 


Heather Doran 34:17 - It's key to create a dialogue of connection from the beginning with employees. Then they can take that out into their workspace. I think this creates a ripple effect among team members.


Becky Brunner 45:12 - The team connection subscription is a very low price at $27 a month. You receive daily prompts to ask fun questions to your team, graphics, appreciation ideas, team engagement ideas of things that you can talk about at the beginning of your team meetings, and also a private Facebook group where I do live trainings. There's so much value all in one spot. I'm also working on a template with team members information all in one space, so that you would be able to easily copy and paste that template every time that you had a new team member.


Topics covered in this episode:


  • What is team culture and why is it important? (04:00)
  • The three C’s of building a positive team culture (05:28)
  • The importance of seeing strengths within your team members that they may not even see. (9:18)
  • How to show your appreciation for your team. (14:30)
  • How to make your team feel like they’re part of the team. (20:27)
  • The importance of creating a connection with your team members. (28:23)
  • The ripple effect of remote work. (34:13)
  • The cost of re-training employees. (38:47)
  • Tips for business owners who want to improve their team’s performance (49:55)

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